Entertained but Empty

While churches have embraced alternative entertainment forms such as festivals and talent shows to engage their congregations and communities, it is crucial to maintain a delicate balance. These events should align with the core principles of the Great Commission, which emphasises spreading the Gospel and making disciples. This blog explores how churches can ensure that alternative entertainment does not deviate from the Great Commission’s mission and avoids becoming mere entertainment.

1. Focusing on the Great Commission:

The Great Commission, as outlined in the New Testament, mandates Christians to proclaim the Gospel, baptise believers, and teach them to obey Christ’s commands. It is essential for churches to keep this mission at the forefront of their activities, even when incorporating alternative entertainment. While festivals and talent shows provide opportunities for engagement, they should not overshadow or dilute the primary purpose of the church: sharing the message of salvation and nurturing spiritual growth.

2. Aligning Entertainment with Spiritual Objectives:

When integrating alternative entertainment, churches should ensure that it reinforces spiritual objectives rather than distracting from them. Performances, skits, or presentations within festivals and talent shows can be crafted to convey profound spiritual messages, promote values such as love, compassion, and justice, and inspire individuals to deepen their faith. By carefully selecting content and ensuring it resonates with the church’s teachings, the entertainment becomes a means of amplifying the Gospel message rather than mere amusement.

3. Cultivating Authentic Worship:

While festivals and talent shows can be enjoyable experiences, churches must remain vigilant in preserving the authenticity of worship. It is crucial to strike a balance between providing entertaining elements and fostering genuine encounters with God. Worship should not be reduced to a mere performance or spectacle. Churches can encourage congregants and participants to approach these events with reverence, emphasising the spiritual aspect and the importance of connecting with God during these moments.

4. Encouraging Discipleship and Growth:

Alternative entertainment in churches should not be isolated experiences but should serve as catalysts for discipleship and spiritual growth. Events like festivals and talent shows can be complemented with small group discussions, workshops, or follow-up programs that allow participants to reflect on the messages conveyed and engage in deeper conversations about their faith. By providing opportunities for discipleship and mentorship, churches ensure that the impact of alternative entertainment extends beyond the event itself.

5. Maintaining Holistic Church Ministries:

While embracing alternative entertainment, churches must not neglect their other essential ministries. The Great Commission encompasses various aspects, including teaching, fellowship, and service. It is crucial for churches to maintain a holistic approach, ensuring that festivals and talent shows do not overshadow the core activities of worship services, Bible study, community outreach, and acts of service to those in need. These events should supplement and enhance the existing ministries rather than replacing them.


The integration of alternative entertainment in churches can be a powerful tool for engagement, outreach, and fostering a sense of community. However , it is imperative to remain mindful of the Great Commission’s core principles and prevent these events from deviating into mere entertainment. By aligning entertainment with spiritual objectives, maintaining authentic worship experiences, promoting discipleship, and preserving a holistic ministry approach, churches can strike a balance that ensures alternative entertainment serves the purpose of glorifying God, sharing the Gospel, and nurturing spiritual growth.

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  1. May the lord help our church founders, leaders to preserve the doctrine of Christ and as well make the altar sacred.

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