The Goodness of God

God is good. He is absolutely good. Perfection and bliss are in God, and He is the active, good being who is the source and cause of all good that takes place. God makes distinctions in the gifts of goodness. This is seen in His creation. For example, He gives some things to some men and gives some things to other men that are better, for He elects some men and He does not elect others. Regardless of your doctrine, the Bible speaks of elect men.

The Bible also speaks of elect angels and non-elect angels. He gives some angels some things that He does not give to others. So, God is good, but you see distinctions in His gifts of goodness. The fact that there are distinctions does not mean He is not good. He may give something more to one than the other, while being good to both. He must not give the same to everyone in order to be good. The varieties of the divine goodness are expressed in other terms, which are very familiar to us (e.g. the love of God).

Categories: Theology

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