Pharaoh Got Your Heart

We live in an age where the realities of the Spiritual world could be described as mystical, elusive, and abstract, depending upon a person’s subjective insight or experience. For this reason, therefore, many have focused their entire assurance on the physical world thus making God, angels, and the spiritual world, a mere crutch for times of trials and difficulties.

Many primitive cultures, even cultures of today, could point to some “higher power” beyond themselves. The modern man has become his own “higher power” and ruler of his own destiny; thereby the need for God is unnecessary for some. Many in the Western world would view religion as an old-fashioned tradition. The contrast is stark and bleak for humanity, believing that all life is what we can sense in the physical. Humanity today believes that they are the measure of all things. Thereby they are gods unto themselves, doing as they please without restrictions or boundaries and never in lack of anything.

Many are willing to invest their life blood for this kingdom and its ruler. Their time is so controlled by the master of this world that day and night, many are consumed with the troubles of performance and trying to please their masters. Families are broken-down and children are neglected and abandoned to total strangers for care, that they themselves cannot provide.

Husbands’ and wives’ roles become cloudy and confusing as both have ambitions of succeeding towards the top of corporate ladders that lead to nowhere totally fulfilling. The sacrifice is great; the commitment is high and demanding. So high that many suffer with all sorts of stress related sicknesses, such as insomnia, depression and fatigue. The ruler of this world has blinded the minds of many. Morality itself has become subjective. Each one does what is right in their own eyes, for the moral code has been replaced by political correctness and to what is trendy and fashionable.

The Book of Exodus portrays a lesson for us, a depiction of how Christians have gone back to Egypt when they should be in Canaan (the Promised Land), for Jesus Christ has delivered them and translated them into the Kingdom of the Promised Land, the land of rest. But many have been blinded thereby not seeing the difference. For some believe that the Promised Land is a place to which we go, only when we leave this life. However, this is so far from the truth for those who are true believers. Those who are born again into a spiritual kingdom, can make eternity begin here on earth and live right according to the Kingdom of Light, whose ruler is the God of the Bible.

Jesus has commanded you to go and worship your Lord your God. Notice that we no longer need to address Pharaoh as the high power to set God’s people free, for they have already been set free. God’s people have a choice whether or not to go back to Egypt (back into slavery). Some do not know that they are slaves; others think that they have no choice but to endure such conditions, while many are deceived into believing that the desires of this world appear more real than that of the Promised Land.

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