From Pulpits to Purses

True spiritual growth cannot be measured by material possessions. Money can’t buy love, joy, or any of the other fruit of the Spirit. So, let’s set aside the misguided notion that wealth equates to divine favour and refocus on what truly matters—setting our mind on the things of God which brings true life and peace.

Exploring the Challenges Faced by Pastors

Pastors who have lost their faith or passion for ministry can feel isolated and alone. However, they are not alone, and there is hope for restoration. By seeking support, taking time off, reconnecting with God, and reevaluating their ministry, pastors can regain their passion for ministry and continue to serve their congregants with renewed vigor and purpose.

Profit Pulpits: The Divine Dilemma of Pastors and Church Finances

Pastors who view the church’s income as their own can create numerous problems for the church and its congregation. Financial mismanagement, lack of transparency, and damage to the sense of community can all occur as a result of this attitude. However, through financial training, clear policies and procedures, and transparency and accountability, churches can ensure that their pastors understand their role in financial matters and work towards the betterment of the church and its congregation.

Silent Struggles: Helping Pastors Overcome Hidden Sins

Pastors are not immune to temptation, and many may find themselves struggling with secret sins that they are too ashamed or afraid to bring to light. These silent struggles can be debilitating and isolating, leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and self-doubt. As pastors, they may feel that they are not living up to the expectations of their congregation, their families, or even God.

But the truth is that pastors are human, and they are not meant to carry the weight of their struggles alone. It is essential to seek help, support, and guidance from trusted individuals who can provide a safe and non-judgmental space for them to share their burdens.

In this guide, we will explore the various types of secret sins that pastors may be struggling with, and provide practical advice and strategies for overcoming them. We will also discuss the importance of accountability and how to find trusted individuals who can serve as accountability partners.

Remember, overcoming secret sins is a journey, and it requires courage, humility, and a willingness to seek help. With the right mindset and support, pastors can break free from their silent struggles and find freedom, joy, and renewed strength in their ministry.

Pastors Bondservant of the Church Board!

During the darkest period of my life I had no one to say “Brother, how is your faith? Is Christ alive in your life? Are you lawless and doing your own thing? Brendon do you know that if you are carrying on in your sin and ignore God’s will – Jesus will say to you, ‘depart from me you lawless one – I don’t know you!”.

Has your pastor gone into hiding?

How can people maintain a quality of true community in the midst of such pressures? From the point of view of mission; Zoom, WhatsApp etc. can offer opportunities for the intelligent proclamation of the Christian gospel. But could never replace the personal contact?