Unmasking the Unholy Beast of Racism within Church Walls

The issue of subconscious racism in The church leadership selection is a challenging one that requires careful examination and introspection. By considering the possibility of subconscious bias in their own church’s leadership selection process and challenging cultural and societal beliefs that may be contributing to unconscious biases, individuals can work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse church community.

Rethinking the Role of Church Leaders in Light of Scripture

While there have certainly been instances of hierarchy in the church throughout history, there have also been voices that have pushed back against this and advocated for a more egalitarian model. From the earliest days of the church, Jesus’ emphasis on servant leadership has been a powerful influence on Christian thought, and this has continued to shape the way that Christians think about church leadership today.

Beyond the Collection Plate: When Faith meets Commerce

By prioritising growth, profitability, and efficiency over spiritual growth and community building, churches run the risk of becoming shallow, insular, and authoritarian. Instead, leaders should strive to follow the example of Jesus, who emphasised the importance of love, service, and humility in all aspects of life.