Unmasking the “Dragon” in the Pew: Addressing Unchristian Traditions in Chinese Christianity

Picture a vibrant Chinese church, its pews filled with believers passionately worshiping, their hearts aflame with faith. But hidden among the congregation lurks a subtle intruder—an uninvited guest. It goes by many names: syncretism, cultural assimilation, or even folklore. This mischievous presence, like a wily dragon, weaves its way into the tapestry of Chinese Christianity, bringing with it unchristian traditions that threaten to dilute the purity of the faith. It is time to unmask this dragon in the pew, exposing its influence and charting a course towards a more faithful expression of Chinese Christianity.

Rethinking the Role of Church Leaders in Light of Scripture

While there have certainly been instances of hierarchy in the church throughout history, there have also been voices that have pushed back against this and advocated for a more egalitarian model. From the earliest days of the church, Jesus’ emphasis on servant leadership has been a powerful influence on Christian thought, and this has continued to shape the way that Christians think about church leadership today.