The Church and Past Mistakes: Overcoming Judgment


Churches are supposed to be places of love and acceptance, where people can come to seek guidance, solace, and support from their faith community. However, many churches may be judgmental of those who have a past that they deem as unworthy of service to the church. This paper will explore how churches can be critical of individuals whose past may hinder their service to the church and the implications of such attitudes.

The Problem

One of the core teachings of Christianity is forgiveness and redemption. However, churches can sometimes overlook these teachings when it comes to certain individuals, particularly those who have had a troubled past. For example, individuals who have had a history of drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, or criminal activity may find it challenging to be fully embraced by the church community. They may be judged based on their past behavior and viewed as unfit to serve in leadership positions or take on significant roles within the church.

The Impact

Such attitudes can have a profound impact on those who are judged by the church based on their past behaviour. It can lead to feelings of shame and alienation, which can cause individuals to distance themselves from the church entirely. This, in turn, can hinder their spiritual growth and potentially prevent them from benefiting from the love and support that the church community can provide.

Additionally, the church community as a whole can suffer from these attitudes. It can create an environment of exclusion and elitism, where only those who fit a particular mold are welcomed and valued. This can lead to a lack of diversity within the church, which can limit its ability to reach out to a broader range of individuals and address the needs of different communities.

The Solution

To overcome these issues, churches need to adopt a more inclusive and forgiving approach to individuals with a troubled past. They should focus on providing support, guidance, and encouragement to these individuals, rather than judging them based on their past actions. Churches should embrace the teachings of forgiveness and redemption and create an environment that is welcoming to all, regardless of their past behaviour.

In Summation

Churches have the potential to be transformative forces in the lives of individuals who are seeking guidance and support from their faith community. However, when churches judge individuals based on their past behaviour, it can hinder the spiritual growth of those individuals and create an environment of exclusion within the church community. To overcome these issues, churches must adopt a more inclusive and forgiving approach, which will not only benefit individuals but also the church community as a whole.

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