Church Leader, how is your spiritual relationship with Jesus?

So much of what has been called a ministry unto Jesus has now become a career obsession to climbing the church ladder in the make-believe kingdom of “I’m successful – look at me”. I’m ashamed to say that I too fell into the trap of this make-believe world of serving self rather than God in the name of Christ.

The hope of leaving a legacy, or the guidance of building a purpose driven church, or maybe how to live my best life now are all too familiar for building a strategic development for worldly success not recognised in the spiritual kingdom of light. Therefore it’s not surprising that the questions now asked to this generation are “Do you know Jesus?”, “Would YOU like to make Him Lord of your life?”…

The real question should be “Does Jesus know you?”! This isn’t one of those promiscuous relationships we have, rather it is of God extending His love and grace upon His beloved. So as long as we act like the world, we are yet in enmity against God. Yes, the natural-man is a hostile creature to the Father’s Will. We don’t know God – for this reason we are estranged from Him because Adam’s nature of sin is our fabric, and the heart is of stone which hasn’t changed.

So now, you are in God’s work but lost, no feelings and you can’t feel your faith so what do you do? You have to depend on gimmicks and amusements to keep your “employers” (the church board) believing in you, for many of them are using you like Micah from the book of Judges – replacing the works of Christ as the mediator. What is needed is for Jesus to expose all the secrets of leadership’s hearts just as He exposed those who tried to condemn the adulterous – writing their sins on the dirt. The subject of holiness is rarely spoken for we all are living in a make-believe world negating the need for the work of Christ living a “holier than thou” lifestyle. We all need Jesus – whether pastor or non-believer.

How is your faith? Is Christ alive in your life? Are you lawless and doing your own thing? Do you know that if you are to carry-on in your sin and ignore the Father’s will – Jesus will say to you, “depart from me you lawless one – I don’t know you!”. So Pastors, Elders, Deacons or whatever position you hold in your institution – how is your spiritual life? Is Jesus reigning? Are you reading God’s Word? Are you speaking to God as one who speaks to his heavenly Father or a friend or is it liturgies and repeated phases like the Pharisees?

If things aren’t looking too bright… come back to God! Conquer from the position of bended knees! For God so loved YOU! It’s not just for your congregation!

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