How to be a rich and successful Pastor?

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What have we become? It is often easy to make the judgement that using the church building as a marketplace, “the den for thieves as Jesus described it”, but that we need no longer the temple to worship and make sacrifices as the Jews did. For Jesus had instituted the new covenant in His blood that we no longer come to God with sacrifices but with our bodies as living sacrifices, “holy and acceptable as our acceptable worship”. So obedience is better than sacrifice.

Thus if we now re-apply the context, it should communicate that we are not to sell or be bought of our bodies. Do you not know that your body is a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable for worship to God? To sell one’s body for value as a commodity is it not prostitution? So the implication now is, don’t make my Father’s house into a brothel!

So from the marketplace – a den of thieves (like the one beside Jesus at the Cross) now liken to a brothel, do note it being a brothel not a prostitute, so the difference there is a pimp involved in the brothel – the devil is now pimping the born-again believers to the non-believers in the world.

Now God says “do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. But the world says, “come lie with me and satisfy the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and fulfil the pride of life… you don’t even have to leave the church congregation.” Having intercourse right at the altar like Absalom did to David to shame him – they are now sleeping with other gospels of prosperity, social-economic and dominion spirits that lead the Father’s children astray.

Now we must not forget the poor believers who use the gospel as a crutch to show the world that their Father has abandoned them. They are begging for donations and funds for PA systems, missions, Church building projects and whatever their coveting hearts desire for the true gospel is never enough. They troll the internet for fund raising opportunities, making a mockery of the Kingdom of our God whilst the Church is too polite to tell them to stop their murmurings. They should leave the ministry and get a job or trust God. But to beg is no different to the brothel for they have no dignity, no shame and no God.

O’ foolish Christians who has bewitched you that having begun in the Spirit that you are now trying to be made perfect by your promiscuity or your poverty? Let anyone preaching any other gospel, let them be a curse!

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  1. Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:15 addresses a very important message of church response to giving and receiving. The doctrine of giving and receiving was central to his teaching of churches. While writing to Philemon, Paul observes a very interesting service this brother afforded the CHURCH. He loved the Church. He refreshed it. He gave his substance for the good of the church. The marcedonian Church is also highly commended in giving even in their poverty. 2 Cor 8:1,2. Paul attributes this to grace. Indeed the Holy spirit does equip saints for the gift of giving.
    Yes. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been abused in the area of giving and receiving. We however ought to acknowledged that this is very central to propagation of the gospel. We should also be aware that wolves may enter the flock and distort the message of giving and receiving. Non the less the church must teach it. Encourage it. Emphasize it. And like Paul tell the flock do not muzzle the horse that treads the corn, while quoting Moses. He advises such authority be used with discretion.
    Broadly I agree with the article. I however would not consider the teaching of giving and receiving when done contextually as constituting anathema

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    • The gospel is clear and the factors of Caesar’s gold will always have nothing to do with the cross. The gospel is Christ. About remuneration and expenses for ministry should be GOD looking after His workers. Problem we have is hirelings they are Gehazi and they seek only for their families not the Kingdom. I don’t sympathize with those who beg for daily bread or funds for Ministry…this is the very reason they don’t see power in their ministry….DEAD MEN’S BONES! Don’t start or go into ministry if you can’t trust God or see His provision!

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