Is COVID-19 getting you down?

So much uncertainty, so much contradictions. Scientists and governments have been struggling. People are hoping that they can have faith in the institutions because they should know best yet they are left with mirages of a false hope.

This year it’s COVID-19 and maybe next year it’s something else. They have been testing this and that, mixing our foods with hormones and playing gods with our weather.

Despite the great number of casualties to the recent sacrifice in the name of scientific progress – it’s still not enough. God, eternity, faith have all been viewed as the fictional make-believe ideologies for the ignorant… Alas, much of the ignorance is now seen in its true state (to those who think they knew it all).

Well Christians all over the world are at peace with hope, without fear. Dying isn’t a threat of intimidation – peace in Jesus Christ knowing that we believe in an afterlife far outweighs the momentary suffering here.

This hope is not one which is blind – as you see, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and was historically confirmed alive – and alive to ensure we Christians will never be alone… Are you alone?

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