The Power of God

The power of God is the divine essence energising and producing outward effects. It is omnipotence, in the case of the Trinity, and He is limited by His power only in perfection. There are, however, some things that God cannot do. It is not that He has limited power, but He is limited by His own being. For example, He cannot do things that are self-contradictory with His nature. This would be like calling something a “square triangle”, where this is simply impossible.

God can do all that He wills. But His will is determined by His nature. He is all-powerful and yet limited by His own inherent being. He cannot do things that are inconsistent with His own decrees. God’s power is demonstrated within the sphere of creation. The Bible speaks of creation as the work of God’s fingers, and it is manifested in the government of this universe. It is expressed by His power over natural causes such as in the lives of Jonah and Daniel.

Categories: Theology

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